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I have been a high level sales professional for over 28 years but my true passion in life is sharing with others so they may have the same benefits I have. I'm a creative at heart and there is nothing more gratifying than impacting someone in a profound and positive way through my writing and speaking. What you will find different in my writing is I dive into action steps that get you to a place where you don't worry about "The How." Everything comes from real world experience. I could not write about it if I haven't done it or experienced it myself. Our common bond as people is Adversity, Challenge, and Struggle. We all go through it. In my writing and speaking you will learn how to:

* Go beyond what you know to learn what you don't

* Use action to sprout the seeds of thought

* Apply purpose as the fuel for motivation

* Understand the difference of a empowering perspective based on things happening for you instead of to you.

* Use the the struggle so it doesn't use you

* Unlock all the amazing assets inside you and build a portfolio to excel in the arena of life

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